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Measures for safe transfer during the Covid-19 pandemic

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The day before, the rules for passenger transportation in public transport were prepared during the pandemic in Azerbaijan. In this regard, today Baku Transport Agency sent letters to companies providing passenger transportation and to taxi service providers about the need to build transparent partitions.

«Car Hire Baku» company also provides a transfer service, therefore, in connection with the above information, our company has taken appropriate measures:

Меры для безопасного трансфера в период Covid-19 / Measures for safe transfer during the Covid-19 pandemic

First of all, before the transfer during the Covid-19 pandemic, our cars are pre-disinfected. And then a transparent partition is placed between the driver and the passenger. Definitely, passengers should be seated in the rear seats. Payment is made through the window in this partition. Our drivers comply with all quarantine rules: they wear masks and medical gloves, and the car also has a disinfectant spray and the same kit separately in the back seat.

During this difficult period, «Car Hire Baku» is trying to help the population as much as possible.

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