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Special offer for corporate clients

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CARHIREBAKU offers individual car rental programs designed specifically to meet the transportation needs of Corporate customers, saving time and money.

We have competitive prices and volumetric coverage of services.

We provide each client with individual corporate discounts from 20 to 50% (depending on the rental period), insurance, and other solutions for transportation needs. The CARHIREBAKU fleet includes all classes of vehicles, such as mini, economy, business, luxury sedans, and SUVs, as well as pickups, minivans, and buses.

CARHIREBAKU develops strong partnerships with customers. To provide an individual approach to our customers, we provide a personal customer service manager for each business. Thus, cooperation and communication between the two parties become easier and more transparent, which makes the process more efficient.

Special offer for corporate clients

Why is it not beneficial for companies to buy and service cars?

  • A car is needed for a specific project with a specific period. It makes no sense to pay the full cost and buy a car.
  • Requires insurance and registration for the driver, this is an additional expense of money and time
  • Timely passes all technical inspections and replace the spare parts required in this. This means more spending money and time.
  • Accident. Although everyone is not pleased to talk about this, you need to know. In this case, with taxi services, you need to collect and transmit documents from the traffic police, insurance, service. Also, check out auto parts stores. You already know how much time and money you will spend!!! Call it briefly – Headache ☹
  • The final. All projects are completed at a certain point and there is already a need to sell a car. This is a very long process, or a very cheap price for selling it fast – which is not profitable.

All of the above points are problems for the company, and we solve all these problems for you and offer a lot of conveniences.

Benefits of working with CARHIREBAKU:

  • Special prices for car rental
  • Payment in cash and non-cash, VAT included
  • New car models
  • Full insurance (CDW + TP, TPL)
  • Technical inspection and service (at the same time we provide you with a temporary replacement car)
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Professional customer service
  • Support – 24/7
  • Registration of the main driver
  • Additional driver registration

For more information, call this number + 994 50 711-01-17

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