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Introducing New Luxurious And Representative 2020 BMW X7

Introducing new luxurious and representative BMW X7 2020

2020 X7 is BMW’s biggest and most luxurious SUV, and it wants to be noticed. In design and tech, it’s bigger & better. Even the BMW badge on the nose had to be made bigger to match this outsize.

As usual, BMW has thrown masses of technical wizardry at the chassis, so this truck-sized monster also can perform surprising off-road feats.

BMW X7 has three rows of seats. The middle row has the option of either a pair of plush individual thrones or a three-seat split-bench, makes unparalleled luxury.

Introducing new luxurious and representative 2020 BMW X7.

Daily – 700AZN
Weekly – 4200AZN
Monthly – 13000AZN

Introducing new luxurious and representative 2020 BMW X7

25.06.2020 / Blog / Rent A Car Baku / Прокат авто Баку / İcarə Maşınlar

Take advantage of discounts during a pandemic

As a car rental company, CarHireBaku LLC offers you disinfected cars during the COVID-19 pandemic so that you do not put yourself and your loved ones at risk of infection by using public transport and taxi services.

In this way, you protect the safety and health of yourself and your family and you can easily plan and realize your work and trip.

25.06.2020 / Blog / rent a car Baku / Прокат авто Баку / İcarə maşınlar

We are sure that you will like our new fully insured sedans and SUVs.
Our delivery service and discounted prices will please you.
Note that delivery to the regions is also possible.

For more information, please call: + 994 50 711-0-117

10/06/2020 - Rent A Car Baku Blog - Блог прокат авто в Баку - Maşınların İcarəsi Bloq

Long term car rental

Our car rental company CarHireBaku LLC, offers long-term rental of new model cars with discounted prices to corporate clients, representatives of local and foreign companies operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

With affordable price and service, we can offer the new model cars like Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Nissan Sunny, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Creta, Kia CROSS, Nissan Kicks, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Rav4, Hyundai Santafe, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes Benz GLS AMG, BMW X5, BMW X7, Hyundai H-1, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, Mercedes Benz V-class and &, etc. for monthly and annual rent, via both payment methods: cash and bank transfer.

10/06/2020 - Rent a car Baku blog - Блог прокат авто в Баку - Maşınların İcarəsi Bloq

Our company operates 24/7. You can book the car you want by Online order section of our website, by our email [email protected] or by our number +99450 7110117. We will deliver the car to your address with free delivery in Baku and registration service, complete the registration on the spot within a maximum of 10 minutes. If you have an additional driver, it will be added to the contract free of charge. All our cars are in good condition and fully insured (Collision Damage Waiver + Theft Protection & Third Party Liability).

If the cars need any repair, we provide our customers with a replacement car, complete the repair work and return the car again. That is, we do not leave our customers without a car during repairs and maintenance

Coronavirus Rent A Car Baku / Аренда авто в период коронавируса / Koronavirus Arenda Masinlar

Rent a car during quarantine

Carhire is a market leader in car rental in Baku, Azerbaijan. Our customers can always find a car with us according to their preferences. In our fleet, you can find a car in any class.
Even in these difficult times, our company does not remain indifferent to its customers and is trying to create ideal conditions for car rental.

  1. During quarantine, we have a 30% discount on any car
  2. After each client, we carry out a thorough cleaning of the machine
  3. If the car does not drive Saturday and Sunday (due to new restrictions), then these days are added during the week
  4. Masks and alcohol are included in each machine
  5. Our professional drivers follow all safety precautions

Coronavirus rent a car Baku / Аренда авто в период коронавируса / Koronavirus arenda masinlar

By renting a car with us, you can be sure that you will not encounter more than one problem. All our cars pass, timely maintenance.
Our client can order a car from anywhere in Azerbaijan and our drivers will deliver this car. We deliver all over Azerbaijan.

We give cars to our clients clean and with the full petrol

Индивидуальные средства защиты в каждом автомобиле

Personal protective equipment in every rental car

On May 31, 2020, the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan approved fines for the absence of a mask – for violation of the requirements established by the relevant executive authority in connection with the use of personal protective equipment, as well as for the fact that officials did not stop violations of these requirements, individuals will be fined 50 manat, official – 100 manat, legal – 200 manat.

Индивидуальные средства защиты в каждом автомобиле

CarhireBaku takes care of the health and safety of its customers, therefore, every car that you get as part of the Rent a car in Baku service already has medical alcohol, gloves and masks, thanks to which you can freely move around the city without risking your health.

Holiday Promo / Праздничная акция / Bayram Təklifi

Ramadan Bayram / 28 May promotion

CAR HIRE BAKU presents a new campaign in honor of Ramadan Bayram and May 28th.
According to the terms of the promotion, such economy class cars as Ravon R2, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, VW Polo, Nissan Sunny, etc. can be purchased at a 30% discount.

Holiday promo / Праздничная акция / Bayram təklifi

In order to take advantage of the discount, you need to select a car in the ECONOMY CLASS section and send an online request to our company specialist indicating the “promo28” promotional code.

Along with economy class cars, discounts are also provided for cars of BUSINESS CLASS (20%), VIP CLASS (20%), Crossovers and SUVs (15%).

What Is A Deposit And Why Make It?

What is a deposit and why make it?

When renting a car at the «CAR HIRE BAKU» company, in addition to prepayment, you also need to make a deposit. In this blog, we will explain why you still need to leave a security deposit ?!

The deposit is paid by the customer when renting a vehicle, the amount depends on the class of the car. This amount is blocked to cover the costs of the company if any will be identified upon the return of the car.

What is a deposit and why make it?

From the foregoing, the question follows: what are the costs?

The most common reason is a violation of traffic rules (fines) while driving a car.

Also if the damage to the car body is not covered by the insurance company.

The security deposit is refunded immediately upon returning the car when depositing in cash. And unlocking up to 30 days when making a security deposit with a bank card

Guba Tour / Тур в Губу / Quba Turu

Guba tour

Plan your vacation. Guba is for both the local population and tourists. Our rent a car Baku company “CarHireBaku” helps tourists choose a convenient vehicle, as well as a route.

Guba (Cuba) is one of the major cities on the list. Located 165 km. north of Baku. The city was founded in the XV century, in the second half of the XVIII century it was the capital of the Guba Khanate. The lip is especially good in spring when its many gardens and parks bloom. In Guba and its environs, there are many historical monuments.

Guba tour / Тур в Губу / Quba turu

Numerous mosques have survived here – Cathedral Mosque (XIX century), Sakina Khanum Mosque (XVIII century), Ardabil Mosque (XIX century), Famous Juma Mosque. As well as the House of Guba Khan, medieval baths and a fortress. The surroundings of Guba are no less beautiful. Especially attractive for tourists are the Afurdzhinsky waterfall 30 meters high and the Tengi gorge, striking with its pristine beauty. Guba is a famous center of carpet weaving. From here, souvenirs of local artisans and the famous Guba carpets are brought.

I would also like to note that not only in the summer but also in the winter, guests often travel to Guba for a ski resort. Also, tourists use “CarHireBaku” company transfers.

Меры для безопасного трансфера в период Covid-19 / Measures For Safe Transfer During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Measures for safe transfer during the Covid-19 pandemic

The day before, the rules for passenger transportation in public transport were prepared during the pandemic in Azerbaijan. In this regard, today Baku Transport Agency sent letters to companies providing passenger transportation and to taxi service providers about the need to build transparent partitions.

«Car Hire Baku» company also provides a transfer service, therefore, in connection with the above information, our company has taken appropriate measures:

Меры для безопасного трансфера в период Covid-19 / Measures for safe transfer during the Covid-19 pandemic

First of all, before the transfer during the Covid-19 pandemic, our cars are pre-disinfected. And then a transparent partition is placed between the driver and the passenger. Definitely, passengers should be seated in the rear seats. Payment is made through the window in this partition. Our drivers comply with all quarantine rules: they wear masks and medical gloves, and the car also has a disinfectant spray and the same kit separately in the back seat.

During this difficult period, «Car Hire Baku» is trying to help the population as much as possible.

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