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To travel you do not need to start from a distance

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A list of the most dangerous countries for tourists at a time when the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 is raging.

Currently, the largest number of coronavirus infections is registered in the United States. The USA ranks first in the world in all indicators of COVID-19Spain ranks second in the list of infections. The situation in Italy is not heartbreaking. The country has become the epicenter of the virus in Europe. It is noted that many European tourists became infected after visiting ItalyFrance is fourth on the list. Germany and the UK are in fifth and sixth places accordingly. Once the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic was CHINA – the first case was reported in Wuhan. After ChinaSingapore is listed. Experts advise tourists not to travel to Singapore. At the same time, Kuwait suspended flights with Singapore and Japan to prevent the spread of the virus. The next country on the list is Japan. Most infected are in Tokyo. Experts also advise against visiting ThailandSouth Korea is also listed. The Malaysian government is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. It should be noted that Iran, Turkey, and Poland are also among the dangerous countries.

Currently, the virus is registered in more than 200 countries and regions. On February 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) called the infection COVID-19, and on March 11 declared the coronavirus a pandemic.

02.05.2020 / Rent a car Baku Blog / Блог о прокате авто в Баку / Bakıda maşınların icarəsi bloqu

Since March, in connection with the global situation – the closure of borders, the cancellation of flights, tourists have been forced to cancel their trips. This trend did not go unnoticed in Azerbaijan either. But it should be noted that the nature of our homeland does not allow us to depend on foreign countries in terms of travel and recreation. The simplest example of this is the fact that 9 out of 11 climatic zones are in our country.

Recent positive results with regard to coronavirus infection and recovery in our country also provide grounds for promising tourism forecasts. The state has given priority to supporting domestic tourism. Hotels and catering establishments, recreation, and entertainment centers, as well as other tourist facilities, willfully and qualitatively satisfy the growing demand. Currently, various projects are being organized to implement this. For the safe recreation of tourists in hotels and recreation centers, disinfection measures are taken. CARHIREBAKU establishes relationships with various participants in the tourism industry. It is safe to say that without leaving Azerbaijan we will create favorable and comfortable conditions for an interesting and unforgettable trip of local tourists.

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