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What is a deposit and why make it?

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When renting a car at the «CAR HIRE BAKU» company, in addition to prepayment, you also need to make a deposit. In this blog, we will explain why you still need to leave a security deposit ?!

The deposit is paid by the customer when renting a vehicle, the amount depends on the class of the car. This amount is blocked to cover the costs of the company if any will be identified upon the return of the car.

What is a deposit and why make it?

From the foregoing, the question follows: what are the costs?

The most common reason is a violation of traffic rules (fines) while driving a car.

Also if the damage to the car body is not covered by the insurance company.

The security deposit is refunded immediately upon returning the car when depositing in cash. And unlocking up to 30 days when making a security deposit with a bank card

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