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Business Concierge Baku

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We provide you with the updated Business Concierge service – Royal Concierge, with one of the most popular and used functions – 24/7 Air Ticket Booking Service. Now you can already take advantage of our Booking of Air Tickets, which meets the high standards and your expectations. Enjoy the affordable luxury of our personalized service. Qualified staff will help you choose the best route, provide the best seat, priority landing, and pay extra baggage in advance.

We also specialize in providing high-quality tourist trips: booking and buying tickets on the intended route, booking rooms in hotels and health centers around the world, insurance, transfer. There are also special discounts and the possibility of a loan for corporate travelers, support for obtaining a tourist visa for both Azerbaijani citizens and foreign tourists. In addition, there are guided tours, weekend tours with experienced guides within Azerbaijan with visits to historical sites.

Бизнес-Консьерж в Баку / Busines concierge Baku service

With our new product you will get access to:

  • 24/7 flight reservation service
  • Tickets for all airlines worldwide
  • Obtaining a visa to all countries of the world
  • Individual travel packages to anywhere in the world
  • Your personal account manager
  • Visa support
  • Meeting at the airport, accelerated immigration
  • Meeting and parting at airports and hotels (transfer)
  • Corporate hotel accommodation
  • Traveling in Azerbaijan
  • Excursions and sightseeing within Azerbaijan
  • PRIVATE AIRCRAFT– For business people who are serious about business and value their time, we suggest using business aviation. Aircraft rental is:
  • be independent of the work of Russian and foreign airlines in planning business trips and leisure;
  • the ability to make a flight schedule;
  • selection of the type of aircraft that matches your status and assumption of flight safety.
  • VIP LOUNGES AT AIRPORTS– We can provide you with services for booking VIP lounges at airports around the world. If you value your time and comfort, the VIP lounge is the perfect solution for you. The service for booking a VIP-lounge at airports will save you from a long wait for registration in the general queue, significantly reduce the time you need to go through passport control, in general, it will save you from unnecessary unpleasant emotions.

Cafes and bars are open at all airports around the world where you can have a good time with a cup of coffee, attentive staff, souvenir, and perfume shops, cozy lounges equipped with the latest video and audio technology.

The service of the business concierge leaves you much more time to focus on developing your business, establishing new contacts, and taking due diligence in every business matter. We will arrange all daily business assignments, help you avoid unnecessary stress associated with business trips, and ensure a balance between work and personal life

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